Junior Golf

To improve the overall delivery of coaching for juniors in the area, changes have been made to the structure of junior golf. Our Junior Member program will be run during school Term 4, 2019 and the MyGolf program will fall into line with school Term 1, 2020. Details are shown below. If further information is required, please contact our Golf Shop on (02) 6026 5822.

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Howlong Golf Resort Junior Member Instructional Program

Junior League

Junior League takes place on Saturdays at 3:30pm starting on 12th October, going through to 15th December. Juniors are allowed to book up to 7 days in advance (Saturday for next Saturday). To reserve a spot, juniors must sign-up by calling the golf shop (on 02 60265822) to participate, before 6pm on each preceding Wednesday, so we can block off the appropriate amount of tee times as space is limited. Juniors signing up late may not be able to play in the league as we release unused tee times to other members. The league game will only count for the first 6 holes. Juniors can continue to play 9 or 18 holes if they wish, as long as they continue to abide by the pace of play policy.

Junior Member Saturday Instructional Program

Group junior instruction will be offered before league play on dates specified in the schedule below, hosted by Golf Professional Tim Cameron, commencing at 2:30pm. This program is free of charge and is only open to Junior Members of Howlong Golf Resort. Instructional group sessions will be 45 minutes in length and will include full swing, pitching and chipping, putting, etiquette, course management and basic introduction to the rules of golf.

Session 1 - 12th October

Session 2 - 19th October

Session 3 - 28th October

Session 4 - 2nd November

Session 5 - 9th November

Session 6 - 16th November

Session 7 - 23rd November

Session 8 - 30th November

Session 9 - 7th December

Session 10 - 14th December  

Junior League and the Instructional Programme is only available to those junior members who have completed the advanced section of the MyGolf program and/or who demonstrate the ability to be left unsupervised on the golf course.

junior lesson program (mygolf)

Howlong Golf Resort MyGolf Program offers an introduction to the game of golf. Juniors will learn important golf skills and techniques, as well as leadership, sportsmanship, and etiquette.

During your child’s formative years of golf, the emphasis is on physical literacy. Time is spent learning the ABC’S of athleticism (agility, balance, co-ordination and speed) allowing the junior to have control of their own bodies. For this reason, your child may take part in exercises and drills that may seem non-relevant to golf, but are in fact supporting their development. Games and other sports educate your child’s ability to throw a ball, (basic hitting action) catching a ball correctly (hand-eye coordination) and running (dynamic balance).

Session 1 - 2nd February 2020 - Start Time 9:30am

Session 2 - 9th February 2020 - Start Time 9:30am

Session 3 - 16th February 2020 - Start Time 9:30am

Session 4 - 23rd February 2020 - Start Time 9:30am

Session 5 - 1st March 2020 - Start Time 9:30am

Session 6 - 8th March 2020 - Start Time 9:30am

Session 7 - 15th March 2020 - Start Time 9:30am

Session 8 - 22nd March 2020 - Start Time 9:30am

Session 9 - 29th March 2020 - Start Time 9:30am

Session 10 - 5th April 2020 - Start Time 9:30am

Parents can register their children from 1st October 2019 for the MyGolf program through www.mygolf.org.au. Duration for each session is 60 minutes with light food and refreshment afterwards. Investment is $50 per child with a capacity for up to 32 participants.

Juniors on the Move - NEDGA & MDGA Super Series

This six week program commences on Sunday 6th October, 2019 and concludes on Sunday 8th December 2019. Your investment is $100 per child which includes tuition, green fees, lunch on all the days and a NEDGA/MDGA hat. The final day will feature a “Super Skins” event. Three players with the best scratch scores during the program and one overall handicap winner will qualify for this event. Players must have participated in at least 3 of the 5 preceding days to qualify for teh Super Skins event.

Each of the days will start with a clinic run by our local PGA professionals, followed by a 9 hole (beginners) and 18 hole (handicap/golflink) competition.

Session 1 - 6th October 2019 - Muster at 9am at the Corowa Golf Club

Session 2 - 20th October 2019 - Muster at 10:30am at the Yarrawonga & Border Golf Club

Session 3 - 3rd November 2019 - Muster at 9:30am at Jubilee Golf Club

Session 4 - 17th November 2019 - Muster at 9am at Thurgoona Golf Club

Session 5 - 1st December 2019 - Muster at 10:30am at Howlong Golf Resort

Session 6 - 8th December 2019 - Muster at 10am at Black Bull Golf Club - Super Skins Final/Presentations & Lunch Served in the Bull Pen

Payment is to be made via Direct Debit to NEDGA Juniors by Friday 4th October 2019. Details are on the flyer that can be downloaded here. All details can be found on the Team App which can be found by searching for “NEDGA & MDGA Junior Golf 2019”. If you require additional information, please call Denise Rigoni on 0447 387 811.

Code of Conduct

Howlong Golf Resort takes great pride in all of its members and facilities. In order to enjoy yourself and understand expectations, this Code of Conduct is provided. Golf is a game of honour in which respect for your fellow competitor and the rules are integral to the game. This code identifies the minimum standard that junior members are expected to meet as members of Howlong Golf Resort, whether at the Resort or while representing Howlong Golf Resort.


·         All clothing must be worn in a neat and respectable manner

·         Collared shirts or a plain t-shirt for boys and girls; Girls can wear sleeveless tops which must have a collar

·         Hats are to be worn properly and are to be removed in the Clubhouse

Unacceptable Clothing Items Include:

·         Cut offs, short shorts, tank tops, crop tops, tracksuit pants

Electronic Devices

·         Use of headphones, iPods or other electronic music equipment, for safety reasons, are not permitted while on the course but can be used on the practice facilities

Behaviour at Other Clubs

You are guest when visiting other clubs and you represent yourself as well as Howlong Golf Resort. This Code of Conduct shall apply while at your club or while visiting other courses. It is important to respect the values and standards of other clubs and adhere to their policies should a stricter code exist. Please be aware that dress codes may be different at other clubs.

Golf Course and Clubhouse Behaviour

·         The golf club is an adult environment and juniors are expected to act accordingly in a respectful and courteous manner

·         Abusive or inappropriate conduct or language, including temperamental outburst, throwing or breaking clubs, any form of cheating or abuse of the course in any way is unacceptable and will not be tolerated

Violations of the Code of Conduct

If a minor violation occurs, the individual will be prohibited from further participation until he/she complies with the above code. The individual must do so without delay and then maintain that standard. Any such actions that are considered serious may result in the individual being removed or excluded from any Junior Program activities until the incident has been resolved. The Junior Member is responsible for their guest’s behaviour and appearance. 

Parent Support & Involvement

The Junior Program is for your children. Just like any other activity your child is involved in, parents have an important role to play, not merely to make the program run successfully, but to make it an enjoyable and meaningful experience for your child and you, as their parent.

It is the goal of Howlong Golf Resort that parents can be actively involved in facilitating the growth and development of their children in not only their own game, but in the life skills that are a part of playing the game. We encourage parents to be involved as their child progresses through their development years of the game.

In addition to supporting your child in their golfing activity, the program depends on volunteer time of the parents as well. We are always looking for parents to assist with carpooling for away tournaments.

Pace of Play

Junior members are to adhere to the pace of play policy. A group shall play a round of golf (18 holes) at Howlong Golf Resort in a maximum of 4 hours 5 minutes. If any group is reported to be out of position (1.5 holes behind the group in the front and behind time) at any point during the round, senior golf shop personnel will aid and assist the group until they are back in position.